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Breast Milk Pump

Lactation Class

In this course, we will cover the first 2 weeks with your newborn. How to initiate breast/chest feeding as well as how to set goals and adjust your expectations throughout your breast/chest feeding journey. Join us from the comfort of your home on a zoom call that will last about 2hrs. Come sit back and relax while getting your questions answered!


We will cover:

-Signs your baby is ready to breastfeed 


-Signs your baby is getting enough

-Why do we nurse every 2-3hrs

-Indications to seek help

-Expectations & Goals


-Products that will help you

-Resources to have at your fingertips

Fee: $150

Newborn Care Class

"Our Baby Class' mission is to build confidence in parenting through a simple, intuitive, and practical approach."


Becoming a parent is one of life's biggest transitions. Often, you find yourself without a community of peers to guide you through. 

In this hands-on class, we cover everything you need to know from the moment you bring your baby home through the first few weeks of life with a little one. You will leave class prepared to care for your newborn, learning helpful tips on transitioning from a couple to parents. Hands-on experience with swaddling, diapering, dressing, and soothing techniques. This class will teach you not just a few survival tips but also empower you to thrive as new parents.


These group classes have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 families. They are offered in person in Arlington from 10-12 on select Saturdays in January, March, May, July, September, and November. 

Fee: $165


Infant First-aid & CPR Class

 Parents and caregivers are the first to recognize and respond to most infant emergencies. Make sure you are prepared for when every minute matters! This in-person and interactive class will prepare you to identify and care for various first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies, as well as when and how and when to seek care. 


We will review how to recognize and care for some of the most common early illnesses you may experience, such as jaundice, thrush, fevers, and allergies, as well as emergencies we hope you never need. 

Hands-on practice with Baby Anne for chocking and Infant CPR Manakins 

This group class is offered from 1- 2:30 on select Saturdays, January, March, May, July, September, and November. There is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 families. ** Please note that this is not a certifying class but a family awareness class. 

Fee: $165

Postpartum Doula Support

Whether you are looking for support during the day or overnight our postpartum support includes anything we can do to help you ease into your new role as a parent.
During the day, this includes light housework, lactation support, care for your baby as you nap, education on the baby's feeding and sleep cues, babywearing, and more. 

Postpartum support overnight is specifically geared toward helping you get the most sleep possible while still meeting your feeding goals. We will also help to simplify your nighttime routines to create a sustainable plan for when we are no longer with you.

Daytime Support: $52 per hour scheduled in 4-hour shifts
Overnight Support: $52 per hour scheduled in 8+ hour shifts
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Lactation Support

Much like parenthood, you may not know how your breastfeeding experience will go.  Studies have shown that insufficient breastfeeding support is one of the main reasons many people discontinue breast/chest feeding even though they may not have wanted too. 

You may find that you run into some breastfeeding challenges when your new little one arrives. This is not uncommon. Nursing your baby is learned skill! We will schedule an in-person lactation visit with you as soon as possible after you contact us. 

We will provide a super bill upon request as most insurances cover lactation support. 

Fee: $150




Jackie is our resident encapsulator and uses the Traditional Method of preparation to create your placenta capsules.


From our years of experience as birth workers, we have seen significant benefits with placenta consumption, without adverse effects. There have not been funded studies on this or other traditional medicine, for many reasons, but from our own anecdotal experience, we have witnessed a positive impact for many people after birth, which is why we stand by this method and tradition and would recommend it to you! 


Why do people consume their placenta, and what are the reported benefits?

Placental tissue contains natural hormones, essential amino acids, trace elements, and minerals. The hormone oxytocin, found in the placenta, helps boost mood, bonding with baby, and encourages the uterus to contract. Iron helps to restore and replenish iron levels in the blood. Others reported benefits to include increased milk supply and a decrease in postpartum mood swings and depression.


The composition of each placenta is different and will have varying levels of nutrients and hormones, and each individual will respond differently. However, this is your placenta, made by you, for your baby, so we hypothesize that you will get exactly what you need from your placenta. 


The encapsulation process is done in our designated placenta space using the highest level of safety, granting you peace of mind.


Placenta Encapsulation: $350

Placenta Tincture: Additional $25


Belly Binding

Looking to traditional healing and culture for support postpartum, we find that many cultures have some form of wrapping or “binding” after birth to support physical and emotional recovery. We practice Bekung Belly Binding, a tradition from Malaysia, now widely popular around the world, due to the simplicity, and impact.


The practice originated as part of 40 days of “mother roasting” after birth, and is part of a series of rituals intended to care for a new parent after having given birth, and help them feel maximally healthy and vital. We “roast” or bring heat back into the body, because the process of birth is a cooling one, and it’s important to rebalance physically, and elementally after birth to feel your best, now and in the future. 


Physically, binding helps you to feel strong and supported through your center. It encourages good posture, creating length through your spine, helps to process excess fluids through your body, supports correct organ placement, helps to re-strengthen muscles and ligaments, and can even help heal abdominal separation. And, binding just feels really good! We use our wraps during our periods, so this skill is not only for postpartum, but a long term gift of self-care to support your body. 


In a session, you can expect to receive your own organic muslin cloth wrap, and one wrapping session. The technique is simple, and you will confidently be able to wrap yourself after this visit. Questions beyond our session? We are always happy to help remind you how to wrap, and make use of this invaluable tool.

Fee: $150

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