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Our Birth Support Includes


Information through our monthly workshops to help you to make informed Decisions about your birth.


24/7 On-call 

phone number for questions and concerns.We are your new Google!



prenatal visit to help identify your birth goals and support in creating a Unique birth plan for you.


Continuous physical and emotional support throughout the duration of Labor, helping to remind you and your team of your birth goals.


Postpartum meeting to Answer any questions about feeding your baby, postpartum healing, and adjusting to parenthood.

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Birth Partner

This workshop is focused on the birth process and partners. We map out the physical, behavioral, and emotional phases of labor and how they indicate labor progress. We wan to give your partner the tools to support you throughout.  

Comfort Measures 

Do you know what you and your body physically need to do during the birthing process? We will review the cardinal movements of birth and the positions that will offer the most support. We will also give you tips and tricks to maintain comfort in every stage of labor. 

Understanding Interventions

Often, we focus on having the birth we want while preparing for labor. But what happens when things don't go as planned? Learn the benefits, risks, and alternatives for the most common interventions.



Your labor and delivery are done...what now? We take time to talk about healing after birth, baby wearing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and preparing for the emotional and physical aspects of the postpartum period. 

Topics we cover in our monthly classes which are included in our Birth Doula Package  

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